Free Spins

What exactly is a free spins bonus?

One of the bonuses that is often offered by an online casino is the so-called free spins bonus. This is a bonus that, as the name suggests, immediately brings you free spins. Usually on a pre-selected slot machine. With these free spins you can make extra profit without having to make an (extra) deposit. In principle, such a bonus creates additional potential winning opportunities without any risk. This is of course very interesting, but many people are not aware of the possibilities and conditions that such a bonus entails. Is this also true for you and would you like to discover more about the free spins bonus? Then you should take a quick look at the information below!

Casino’s that offer free spins on their slots

Rank Casino Bonus Rating Visit
1 £150 welcome offer*T & C Apply VisitReview
2 50% Cashback and 50 Free spins!T & C Apply VisitReview
3 £50 welcomebonus + 50 free spinsT & C Apply VisitReview
4 £150 welcome offer*T & C Apply VisitReview

When is the free bonus awarded?

In practice, the free bonus spins may be awarded to the player in different ways. For example, it can be observed that the free spins bonus is not infrequently part of the welcome bonus at an online casino. Together with the deposit bonus, the free spins bonus is therefore the most frequent and actually the most popular. It goes without saying that the welcome bonus, as the name suggests, is reserved exclusively for new players at an online casino. Does that also mean that already existing players can never benefit from it? Of course not. The free spins bonus for slot machines can also be offered in other situations.

For online casinos, free spins bonuses are actually the most interesting bonuses. This is largely due to the fact that they offer sufficient additional challenge to the player(s) trying to cash in. For this reason, free spins bonuses are offered quite frequently. In other words, is there a promotion going on at any given time at the online casino of your choice? Then chances are that the free spins bonus will be part of it!

How do I redeem a free spins bonus?

The above brings us to the question of how to redeem a free spins bonus in practice. The answer to this question is quite simple, but consists of several steps. Specifically, this involves the following steps:

1. You will receive the free spins and then you can bet on the slot machine in question;
2. The winnings from the free spins must be played through;

Many people still think that the winnings from free spins can be paid out directly. That is not right, on the contrary. Any winnings accumulated from wagering a free spins bonus must be additionally played around. Exactly how many times depends on the bonus conditions applied. However, with any free spins bonus you should be aware that there may also be other conditions that you should take into account.

Additional conditions for free spins bonus rounds

The above information has already indicated that you should try to play every free spins bonus. This means that you have to wager (and win) the bonus winnings several times in order to transfer the money to your bank account. There are several important points to consider here, namely:

1. The free spins bonus may need to be redeemed on a specific slot;
2. The rounding up may have to be done within a certain time period;

Do you fail to meet any of the prerequisites? Then you will see that the bonus will probably disappear like snow in the sun. Despite the fact that each free spins bonus has its own potential, you have to put in some real effort.

How interesting is the free spins bonus really?

All in all, it can be said that the free spins bonus can be very interesting for both the online casino and the player. For the player, the bonus enables him to have a nice extra amount paid into his bank account in no time at all. However, this does not happen without a struggle. To be able to do this, it is necessary to meet certain requirements, which in turn play into the hands of the online casino at which you are going to play. Either way, when you have the chance, it’s definitely worth trying to cash in on a free spins bonus!