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Play slot machines online

The best way to play slotmachines is online. Find the best oldschool fruitmachines and modern videoslots, and play them from the comfort of your home.


Slot machines are a fun and popular way to play at casinos and with the advent of technology and smartphones, more and more people are taking advantage of the ease of access and portability of playing slots from their smartphones.

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How do slots work

Slots are a system that allows players to drop tokens into the slot and pull the arm, waiting for the pictures to show up. If all three matched, players got the jackpot. When they first came out slot machines were called, “one-armed bandits”, because of their design that featured an arm on the side of the machine.

Not only do today’s modern slot machines have buttons on the front to make them work, they are accessible by computers, tablets and mobile phones. The first slot machine was actually invented in 1895, but there was no way to make the machine pay out.

How to play

Today’s slot machine manufacturers, of course, have developed a better system for playing the slots. Instead of just three pictures across the front today’s slot machines have multiple pictures and multiple ways of winning.

Online and mobile casinos

Casinos have made slots more accessible and easier to use on mobile phones, smartphones, androids, iPhone and tablets to provide easier access for slots aficionados. The systems allow players to choose from a variety of slot game systems for use with any device.

With the increasing Internet speeds systems like mobile slot machines manufacturers have designed many variations of slot machine fun for those who enjoy playing on their mobile devices. With so many mobile apps to choose from anyone should be able to find games that they enjoy playing from their mobile devices. All you need to do is get on the web and search for the apps that are available for you particular device. Have fun!

Playing slots on your smartphine and tablet

Online casinos have given people the freedom to play their favorite games without having to leave their house. As a result, they have soared in popularity in recent years and this has led to the creation of many mobile casinos as well. Most online casinos these days offer a mobile version to people who want to play on the go. These mobile casinos can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. Certain model mobile phones that are not smart phones can also have a mobile casino downloaded to them. In general, players have more gaming options available to them when they play the casino’s games on their smartphone or tablet than when they play them on a non-smartphone. Smartphones and tablets also support more realistic looking graphics within the games.

Download or direct play

Many mobile casinos only offer players a small portion of the games that are offered on the casino’s websites. Players can usually download mobile casino games like slot machines to their device. Or play them by using a web browser on their device. Many times online casinos offer special bonuses to those who play on the mobile version of their casino. These particular bonuses are not available to those who simply play the casino’s game on their website.

Fruitmachines on your smartphone

One of the leaders in mobile casinos is the Betsson Mobile Casino. It has the distinction of being among the first casinos to use the Microgaming software to bring its games to mobile devices. An example of some of the games offered through the Betsson Mobile Casino include Tomb Raider, Jacks or Better, Thunderstruck, Roulette, Blackjack and Royal Derby.

UK licensed casinos

Another popular mobile casino can be found at Mr. Green. They offer a large selection of games including Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Scratch Card games and select games that players won’t find at any other mobile or online casino. Mr. Green’s mobile casino can be downloaded and used by players in countries such as Australia, Canada, South Africa and the U.K. All of the games available on these mobile casinos give players the option of using Practice Mode. This allows them to play the mobile casino’s games without having to bet real money to do so.

Casinowinner also has a mobile version available to players. Those who play the casino’s games using real money are eligible to win cash and other prizes, such as luxury cars and cruises. Anyone hesitant to spend real money on the casino’s games can play a demo version of the game first, in order to determine if they like it enough to bet real money on it.

Busy people especially have been enjoying the convenience of being able to play their favorite casino games on their mobile device anywhere they go. This is why mobile casinos have become so popular and why an increasing number of them are being created all the time. Only time will tell whether the success of mobile casinos lessens players desires to go on their computer just to play their favorite casino games.