Betting Options

What are the betting options with slots?

Slot machines are among the most popular casino games on the market. This is not surprising, as they have an incredibly low entry threshold. In fact, all you have to do to play a slot machine is to set a bet and press the spin button. When you have done so, the reels will spin and within seconds you will know whether you have won and, if so, how much. Having said that, slots have a lot more to offer than just placing your bets aimlessly. Are you also curious about what all the betting possibilities of slot machines are exactly? We would like to introduce them to you here on this page!

1.)  Betting on the basic game in slots

Initially, it goes without saying that you should start your gambling adventure with the basic game of a slot machine. This is the standard feature that is also the least exciting of all the slot machine features on offer. The basic game always has a certain number of winning lines. As a player, you should not only consider the number of winning lines, but also the way the winnings are awarded. In other words, are winning combinations only formed from right to left or also vice versa? And what about the shape of the winning lines? Some slots even feature a win all ways mechanism.

In principle, the smallest amounts are always paid out in the basic game. There are slots that use a so-called win all ways principle in the basic game. This means that it does not matter where exactly the winning symbols appear on the reels. Winning combinations can be formed in all possible ways. This is, of course, incredibly interesting, but you have to keep in mind that these are generally low variance slots. So in practice, you will often have to play for quite a while before you will have won a nice amount of money.

2.)  What about the bonus game in slots?

While playing the basic game, you will notice that you can slowly but surely fill up a bonus meter. The moment this meter is full, you can access the slot machine’s bonus game. That said, it is also possible that this is done in a different way, for example by collecting a certain amount of scatter symbols. Either way, the moment you gain access to the bonus game, the most interesting payouts are on the horizon. What’s more, during the bonus game you are often offered additional interesting items. For example, you may be able to claim free spins or multipliers. In any case, it is clear that you can make the biggest profits here!

What about the “bet feature” in slot machines?

The moment you gain access to a slot machine’s bonus game and have placed certain successful wagers, it is possible for a player to try his luck a little further. Therefore, in practice, there is such a thing as a so-called “bet feature”. This is a feature that, as the name suggests, lets you make a choice that is very similar to the “heads or tails” principle. Are you gambling correctly? Then you can double your winnings every time. Are you gambling wrong at a certain moment? Then you lose all your profit. This feature certainly adds excitement, but it goes without saying that it can also boost the slot machine’s house edge.

3.)  Claiming a (progressive) jackpot

Several slots games also offer players the opportunity to compete to cash a specific jackpot. In the best case scenario, this is not even a regular jackpot, but a so-called progressive jackpot. The moment this jackpot hits when you have placed a bet, you will see that you can cash in a more than decent profit in one fell swoop. Please note that there are additional wagering requirements to be taken into account, especially when it comes to claiming a progressive jackpot. In practice, you should therefore often place the maximum bet per game round. And if you don’t? Then, unfortunately, you will not be able to compete for the absolute top prize of the slot machine in question.


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