Vampires are the icons of this immense popular slot machine, developed by Net Entertainment. This superpower in video slots is the brain behind the most well known slots and that is saying something.


Let the vampires work in your favor and make sure they appear on the paylines. Just like with most slots, you play with 5 reels. The number of paylines for the Bloodsuckers video slot is a maximum of 25!

Symbols and reels

Apart from the bloodthirsty vampires, you will also find symbols to keep these creatures out. Think of bulbs of garlic, a bow and arrow for the warriors, the books filled with sacred content and much more. The atmosphere with the ‘Bloodsuckers’ video slot is unique and secretly also pretty exciting.

Scatter and Wild

Of course, this slot also has a number of features, the scatter entitles you to free rounds and the wild will also come in handy every now and then. The bonus game is very beautifully done and very lucrative! Come play and go for the jackpot with the ‘Bloodsuckers’ video slot.

Bonus game

This bloodcurdling, exciting bonus game makes your heart beat faster and regularly fills up your wallet. The ‘Bloodsuckers’ video slot has a unique bonus game to offer, to get into the game you will need bonus images. These frequently appear on the reels. The symbol is an axe, with blood flowing from it.

Choose from one of the twelve obscure coffins and who knows, you might find the vampire! If so, you will earn many extra coins.

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