Progressive Jackpot

All you need to know about the progressive jackpot

While playing the basic game of a particular casino game, it is often possible to make a nice profit in practice. Having said that, the highest winnings are usually only achieved by competing for a jackpot. For more experienced players, even the highest jackpots have limited appeal. For that reason, the search was on to make jackpots even more attractive to the more seasoned players. The solution was found in the form of the progressive jackpot. This is the type of jackpot that really allows you to compete for absolute monster winnings. Would you like to find out more about this type of jackpot and exactly how to win it? Find out all about it on this page!

What exactly is a progressive jackpot?

For many people, the difference between a standard jackpot and a progressive jackpot is not entirely clear at first. Yet that difference is not so difficult to make clear. For a regular jackpot, you only contribute to it when you play one specific slot machine. Such jackpots can be quite high, but they rise incredibly slowly. In addition, even in the best jackpot games, the final sums never outweigh those of a progressive jackpot. This too is only logical in practice.

For a progressive jackpot, in practice, it is not only the players on one particular slot machine who contribute to it. However, this is actually a misnomer. For a progressive jackpot there is some kind of network on which players can take their chances. This network can consist of the same slot machine in different locations, but also of multiple slot machines that hit the same progressive jackpot. With many more players in different locations contributing to the progressive jackpot, it goes without saying that it rises much faster. What’s more, this jackpot can only be played for if the maximum bet is placed each time.

Why are so many people scared of such a jackpot?

Many players are afraid to compete for a progressive jackpot. That is not entirely illogical. It is important to note that you can only compete for this type of jackpot if you place the maximum bet during each round of play. In other words, are the betting options for a particular round of play, say, 5 to 100 euros? Then you will need to play with 100 euros each time to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. It goes without saying that this is not an option for players with a limited budget. So it should be clear, before you start competing for a progressive jackpot, it is an absolute must to have a solid bankroll.

Which slot machines have a progressive jackpot?

There have been many different slot machines on the market over the years that have a progressive jackpot. However, not all of these slot machines are equally interesting. The favourite slot machines of people who want to hit the jackpot are therefore the following:

  • Mega Fortune Dreams;
  • Joker Millions;
  • Mega Fortune;
  • Mega Moolah;

What makes these progressive jackpot slots so interesting is not just the huge amounts they often pay out. Apart from that, these slots are just plain fun to play and, apart from the progressive jackpot, offer plenty of opportunities to claim a handsome profit. Clearly then, if you want to try your luck with one or more progressive jackpot slots on the market, it’s worth taking a chance with one of the titles listed above.

Progressive jackpots outside slot machines

Finally, many people still wonder if you can only compete for progressive jackpots when playing slots. That is not the case. Such a jackpot is in practice also offered when playing certain table games. A well-known example is, of course, Caribbean Stud Poker. In this form of poker, too, you can compete for the monster amounts that can be paid out through a progressive jackpot.

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