How to play a slot machine?

Playing on a slot machine is actually quite easy: just follow these 5 simple steps:

    1. You start with making a deposit. This is essentially the “bet”you place. There is usually an ‘account’ or ‘banking’ section available at the casino to do this. That is, unless you’re playing in Free Mode or with Free Spins.
    2. Choose the number of paylines. In some games, the number is fixed (for example at 25), but if not, paylines can be viewed seperately by clicking the numbers at each side of the slot’s screen. Sometimes, certain slot machines let you determine how many lines you want to play per each seperate spin.
    3. Choose your coin value. For example, you can set this value between £0.01 and £0.50 with most slots. Keep in mind that you are playing with a bet consisting of one coin per payline, meaning that if you were to set your coin value at £0.10, you would be betting £2.50 per each seperate spin on the machine.
    4. Set Bet Level – Setting the bet level isn’t a feature of all video slots, but it is common. The higher you increase the level, the bigger the size of the bet.
    5. Hit Spin. Hitting the spin button is starting the game. The symbols wil start spinning on the reels. When they stop spinning, hopefully you will land a winning combination of symbols, in which case you’ll receive a payout.Depending which and how many symbols you’ve landed, the size of your bet as described above, the size of the payout is determined.
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