Online casinos these days will offer you just about any type of payment method, which is great. Neteller is one of those payment methods. It’s a payment method known for being reliable, safe, and quick. In short; everything you need a payment method to be. With your Neteller account you can easily deposit money into an online casino account to plays slots or live casino games. But it is also possible to use your Neteller account to safely withdraw money with that you’ve won in one of those casinos.

What is it?

To put it simply, Neteller is an online wallet (sometimes also called an “e-wallet”). If you’re familiar with Moneybookers, it works just about the same. All you need to “open” your own e-wallet, is to make an account with Neteller. You can then use this account to send and receive money. It’s possible to use this e-wallet as something you transfer money to, but you can also withdraw from it, almost like an on-the-go bank account. In fact, Neteller also offers prepaid cards. These cards work the same as any ordinary credit card and can be used as such; you can use your Neteller card in hotels, casinos, restaurants and more. Some prepaid cards won’t let you use an ATM to withdraw money, but this one will.

Neteller benefits

Though a Neteller account is easily created, there are the necessary safety hoops you’re going to have to jump through. This is very important, and it also shows how serious Neteller takes your information. All transactions made with or to a Neteller account are instant. There are no waiting times. Withdrawals from online casinos and bookmakers will be in your Neteller account instantly.

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