Many online casino’s offer countless of different payment methods these days, one being more known than the other. Ukash is a payment system that is frequently used by online casino players. Its popularity is easily explained when you consider the anonymity and the security this payment system offers. No personal details have to be exchanged and neither does the user have to present a credit card or bank account number. That’s because the Ukash payment system works with cash money. This code which you can purchase in store, is made up out of nineteen numbers. With this code you can purchase things online, but you can also use it to deposit money at one of the online casino’s or bookmakers.

What is Ukash exactly?

Ukash is very similar to the so called Paysafecard, which is kind of a prepaid payment method. In store you can purchase a voucher code with cash money, which then can be used online. The Ukash codes can also be purchase online, you can do so via bank transfer or credit card.

Ukash Codes

These codes are being sold all over the world, just today they are available at more than 400.000 different selling points. In the UK the Ukash code is available too, for example at local stores. When you purchase the code, you need to fill out its details at the online store or online casino of your choice. The payment will be processed immediately, no waiting time!


The Ukash codes are available from £10 GBP to £100 GBP. Do you need a particular amount that isn’t available in store? Then we recommend you to purchase several codes at once.

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